Today's folklore tip..... Water bubbling

Folklore tip of the day....When water bubbles from the ground, expect rain the following day.
Learn more about this in the book.


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Backyard Weather Folklore
1600 easy ways to predict the weather
By John Belski

Before the days of TV, radio, weather radar and satellites, people would watch the weather signs to come up with a forecast. Some of these were very reliable. This weather folklore reference guide will have you doing your own weather forecasting just by stepping outside and watching for the weather signs. There are more than 1,600 weather sayings in the book which is the most of any weather folklore book published in the U.S. in the last 100 years.

Each weather saying is grade from A to F for accuracy and has a short summary.

For example:  A bee was never caught in a shower. 
GRADE: A   This very accurate saying comes from the fact that a bee has hairs on its body which are very sensitive to changes in moisture. As a result, a bee will head back to the hive about 30 minutes before it rains. This is a great forecast tool if you have flowers in your yard.

There are chapters in the book on how to predict weather with.....
WEATHER AND THINGS IN THE SKY.... such as rain, snow, clouds and the moon
VARIOUS OBJECTS.... such as wooden furniture, guitars, hair and coffee

There is a chart for predicting weather by looking at the barometer. Also, there is another chart that tells how fast the wind is blowing just by looking out the window.

This one of kind book will make a great gift for someone who has an interest in weather.

About the author:  John Belski was a TV meteorologist for 35 years. Most of that time was at WAVE-TV in Louisville, KY.  Over the years John was named Best Meteorologist in Louisville and Kentucky by various publications many times. He won a Regional Emmy and was awarded the Special Service Award from the National Weather Service for severe weather coverage. He won a national Mark Trail Award for his work in getting NOAA weather radios into more households.  John was invited to the White House for a discussion on global warming with President Clinton and Vice President Gore. He was the first meteorologist in the country to present a 14 day forecast every day. On the fun side, John was the contest king with several weather trivia contests each week for prizes. He had an outdoor weather studio, braving the elements during the weather forecast. Each fall John would show what the weather signs were saying about the winter and the forecast was usually pretty accurate.

Here is a link to John's weather  HERE

All proceeds from this book will go to local charities in the Louisville area.

Backyard Weather Folklore
248 pages
soft cover
8" x 5 1/2